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New measures taken by the Government COVID19
Following government decisions we have first of all changed our opening dates:
- ✅ From 20/07 to 03/10
- 🛌 Each tenant will have to bring his/her own  sheets and household linen.
- 🍽 The Bar-Restaurant will be open, respecting the sanitary measures incumbent on the catering sector, with the addition of take-away sales.
- 🧽 Sanitary facilities: regular visits by our teams, disinfection with Covid-19 approved products.
- 🥖 Grocery store: normal operation with sanitary rules
- 🏊♂ Swimming pools: open with less deckchairs to respect the distances, towels are obligatory on deckchairs.
- 🚫 Wellness Area: Closed pending new guidelines for opening dates
- 🏋️♀ Weight room: open max. 2 persons + disinfectant available
- 🍕 Pizza and California Bar Kiosk: Closed pending new guidelines for opening dates
- 👩🎤 Evening entertainment: Foam and dance evenings, AFTER until 2:00 am = waiting for confirmation
- ❌ No loan of equipment (books, rackets, balls, ...)
- 😷 Wearing a mask is mandatory
- 🏖 Normally accessible beaches of Vias
Please note that we are likely to make changes as the situation evolves.

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Cancel Salisses Bike Week Cancel Salisses Bike Week

Bikers, Bikeuses,
First of all, we hope that you are doing well and that you are living this complicated situation as well as possible.
It is with great regret that we have to inform you that unfortunalitely we rae forced to cancel the Salisses Bike Week whichwas to take place on june 12.13 and 14.

We are deeply saddened by this decision and rest assured that we will do our utmost to make the 2021 editioneven more beautiful.
Until we see youfriends again, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Schedules reception Schedules reception

Hello everyone!
I'm writing to give you an overview of the situation at Les Salisses.wink.
We opened well on June 20th and the whole team is doing well.
However we have a big problem... It's the PHONE !no
We have taken a considerable delay in the organization of the summer season (schedules, mails, internet reservations, cleaning of the mobile homes...) and the phone keeps ringing.
So yes, we are obliged to suspend the line, just to update ourselves.
I suggest you to go by internet for any reservation ( ) and by email for any other information, by Facebook.laugh.
By July 8th we will be truly up to date and we will be able to answer you as it should be.
For information, the life of the campsite continues:
- the swimming pools are open.
- The animations start well next week during the day and in the evening at the bar restaurant.
- a protocol of sanitary rules to be respected is posted in the different meeting places of the campsite.
Thank you for your understanding and be assured that we do our utmost to meet your requests.
The Management
Pascal smiley


lagon salisses
Opening 2020 From April 11 to Octobre 3

Both Adults and children can enjoy  swimming pool and one with a waterslide.
So funny ! !

There is also a paddling for your little tot.
Every morning (except saturdays) at 9.30 AM Aquaerobics (july/august).