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Create many new memories In Occitanie!

Hedonists, lovers of good food, wines with sun-kissed notes, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters will fall in love with our beautiful region, which is a veritable ode to life and relaxation. 
If you are keen on hiking and exploration, you can also make the most of your holiday with us to wander across outstanding landscapes with the sea on one side and vineyards and cliffs on the other. Explore our picturesque villages with their old stone houses full of history and admire our remarkable architectural heritage (Pézenas, the fortified mediaeval city of Carcassonne, etc.).  

Sète: a gem With water either side

It’s impossible to resist the Venetian charm of Sète, which sits between the Mediterranean Sea and the Thau lagoon. Enjoy strolling along its canals (which give it its nickname of Venice in Languedoc), watch the famous water jousting, swim in its hidden coves and savour its famous oysters. Sète is also the setting for the Plus Belle La Vie TV series.  

Cap d’Agde: nature, architecture And freedom!

Built at the foot of a former volcano, Mt Saint-Loup, Cap d’Agde is the most famous seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast. With ten neighbourhoods and ten different atmospheres, this town entices you to take your time wandering around, admire its architectural wonders such as the Saint-Etienne cathedral and Brescou fort, and get in touch with nature in its protected habitats (Bagnas national nature reserve, Posidonies du Cap d'Agde, etc.). Naturists are also welcome here! 

Marseillan: beach, history Pink flamingos and good wines

Fall in love with the many aspects of Marseillan. Enjoy relaxation with 6 kilometres of sandy beach, history with its numerous Roman ruins bearing witness to the town’s rich past, nature with pink flamingos, egrets, grey herons and more at the Bagnas pond, and winemaking with its vines and famous wines that will titillate your taste buds (Noilly Prath, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache and more). 

Pézenas: the spirit of Molière And outstanding architecture

If you love the arts and theatre, you cannot miss Pézenas. The streets in this former city of fairs still ring with the talent of Molière, who lived here. Pézenas pays tribute to the famous French playwright and celebrates theatre and live shows. You will also love the town’s architectural heritage, preserved historical town centre and many artisan workshops. 

Béziers: Canal du Midi Beaches and vineyards

Want to go somewhere truly exotic? What if we said that in the same town you can dive into the Mediterranean’s clear waters, walk through vineyards and stroll through the countryside along the Canal du Midi? Interested? Well, come visit Béziers where Pierre Paul-Riquet, creator of the Canal du Midi, was born. 

Carcassonne, mediaeval town UNESCO World Heritage Site

Step into the beautifully preserved fortified mediaeval town which is still inhabited today and travel back in time some 2,500 years! 52 towers, 2 concentric city walls, 3 kilometres of ramparts: welcome to the biggest fortified town in Europe! With a count’s castle, Saint-Nazaire basilica, arenas, large wells, stores, shows and more, this is a feast for the eyes. Unforgettable! 

Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert Most beautiful village in France

The picturesque mediaeval village of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert is surrounded by steep cliffs and charms visitors with the beauty of its unspoilt, preserved views, relaxed way of life and beautiful gem of Roman art, the Gellone Abbey. This is a stopover town on the Camino de Santiago. Here, you can enjoy canoeing/kayaking along the River Hérault or hiking to the Infernet cirque. 

Roquebrun Little Nice in Hérault

Nicknamed ‘Little Nice in Hérault’, this pretty village in the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Reserve enjoys an outstanding, unique microclimate ideal for growing Mediterranean gardens. Here, orange and lemon trees provide fruit in the middle of winter, while mimosas brighten up February’s landscapes. You are sure to love this village with its authentic charm.